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Bach Thu lotteries 2-day frame, 3-day frame This is one of the popular prediction methods used by many lottery players today when playing online lottery. This is a good and effective way to play that has helped many people win big. If you are passionate about this subject, let’s join together Nhà cái New88 Learn more about this method in more detail.

Learn about 2-day and 3-day lottery numbers

2-day lottery, 3-day lottery or white lottery in general is a method used to predict numbers in online lottery. With this method, players will need to spend a lot of time analyzing the lottery results table or calculating to find the exact number. This is a good and effective method that many players choose to use every day.

With this way of playing, players will not need to spend too much capital but will still bring huge profits. Therefore, 2-day and 3-day lottery numbers are considered a perfect method for today’s players.

For a simple example, if you use this method to predict the number 45, you only need to play this number for 2 or 3 days to get the result. Therefore, the amount of capital you use to raise will not be too much, but the capital recovery time and profit will be quite good.

Advantages and disadvantages of 2-day and 3-day lottery numbers

Regardless of any prediction method, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Same with this method. You need to learn the following characteristics of 2-day and 3-day lottery numbers


When you use this method to predict fortunes, the amount of capital you spend is not too large. Because the lottery you can play is unique and the raising time is not too long.

The winning rate when playing with this method is quite high because there will be up to 27 prizes every day. Therefore, this is a pretty perfect method for you to pursue.

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Disadvantages of 2-day and 3-day lottery numbers

Besides the above advantages, when you use this method, there are also its own limitations. For example, if you only focus on one lottery number, your winning rate will be lower than when you play many numbers.

Furthermore, this method requires the player to have reasonable and accurate calculations to get the desired results. Therefore, for new players who do not have much experience, sometimes calculations will not produce the desired results.

Instructions for predicting 2-day and 3-day lottery numbers

With this prediction method, there will be many different ways to do it. You perform each method as follows:

Based on the maximum number of 3-day frame to predict

With this method, you need to prepare yourself a relative amount of capital. Furthermore, the number you find must be a potential number with a high probability of return. It’s best for you to find pairs of lottery numbers that appeared in the previous 8 lottery draws.

Once you have the lottery number you like, you should choose a reasonable way to deposit money to play. The folding method is quite an effective method for you to choose because it brings big profits.

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Based on the double lotteries to find the winning numbers in the 2-day frame and 3-day frame

This method is only for experienced players. This is one of the methods that is extremely effective if you apply it correctly. You need to compile a table of results for at least 8 periods or more. If you see a lottery number appearing for 2 to 3 consecutive days, you should choose it immediately to play.

Raising the octopus lotus for 2 days, 3 days depends on memory

This is a quite smart prediction method that many people apply. The probability of choosing this way of playing will bring huge profits. You need to calculate based on the lottery results table of recent periods. From there, calculate the lottery number with a high return rate. The prizes you should pay attention to are special prize, first prize, 7th prize, and 8th prize.

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Based on lottery prediction

With this method of prediction, you need to rely on the special prize in the lottery results table. Because from this tournament, you can find double return days to find potential lottery numbers.

For example: The results are exceptional 44319 Then you guys beat me right away 44. Or you can also add its shadow as con 99.


Above is the most detailed information about the search method Bach Thu lotto frame 2 days, frame 3 days. This is a good and effective method that many players trust and use. You can rely on this to find out for yourself the correct set of numbers when playing at Lottery New88. Wish you all have fun and win big every day.


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