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What is understanding the nature of lottery? Will help players find the best lottery numbers to play every day. Long-time players in this field are certainly no stranger to this way of playing. However, for new players, there are still many questions about this concept. The information that New88 The following sharing will definitely help you understand the terminology in this lottery, as well as the best lottery playing skills.
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What is lottery?

Lo gan also known as lot khan. This is a way to calculate lottery returns for many days at a certain period of time. Simply put, lotteries are the number of times the lotteries come back too many times, exceeding their ability to appear in a month or even beyond the second month.

Theoretically, yes Lottery consists of 100 fish that will be rotated with uniform frequency. But in reality it is not like that, there are many numbers that have not been seen for a long time. But if there are many children, they appear continuously for a long time. Appear lottery liver It’s also because the lottery results only have 27 numbers, not to mention there are many numbers that appear multiple times in a month. This is also the reason why there are situations where northern lottery numbers do not return for a long time.

It also appears very often in the lottery results in the Central and Southern regions lottery liver, because it only has 18 prizes. Stations will draw numbers once a week, so it is normal for the lottery to last more than 40 days.

Good lottery lottery liver stubborn, are “stubborn” lottery numbers that have not appeared for a relatively long period of time. This time is usually about 1 month or even up to 50 days.

How many days is the liver cycle?

You can use statistical tools to find out which lottery numbers will appear. When using this statistical tool, you just need to enter the number of days in the liver range box to see the results of the liver lottery for that number of days. In fact, the children lottery liver There is usually a margin of appearance from 10 to 30 days, so if the player does not use this tool, it is very difficult to find them.

The liver cycle usually lasts about 1 month. However, there are also many children lottery liver Appears with high frequency for up to 38 days or longer but still refuses to return. Therefore, you need to research carefully to be able to eliminate those numbers in the following days to achieve the best results!

Experience in recognizing liver lottery effectively

Often new lot breeders want to find khan lotus. If you play the lottery and don’t come back for 15 days, you feel really discouraged, right? So let’s find a way to recognize it lottery liver To reduce the damage it causes!

Based on statistical results

According to statistics in the last 100 days of lottery results, numbers that have appeared more than 35 times have a high chance of becoming a lottery number in the future. In the future, players should limit raising these animals.

This is a way to play with high precision and is also relatively simple. Observe your liver statistics over the last 100 days. The rule is to count from the moment you start playing hard. If that number has appeared more than 35 times, there is a high chance it will be lottery liver

Sibling lot method

Using brother lottery is one of the secrets to recognizing liver lottery that many people like. This method is highly effective, helping players find accurately lottery liver. The batch of brothers is divided into the following 2 cases:

Case 1

If for 3 consecutive days there are many lots drawn and the first number is the same as the first number in your lot. And coincidentally, if the lottery you raised doesn’t come back, let’s call it a liver lottery!

Case 2

Similar to case 1 but for the tail of the lot. If you have raised a lotus for 3 days and its tail has come out too much and the lotus you raised does not come back, then it is also a liver lotus.

But to be more certain, players should combine the use of both statistics and methods above at the same time to more accurately determine which lottery numbers to avoid. You should not stubbornly raise it because the probability of winning is very low.
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How to make statistics within 100 days

There are many ways to check liver numbers that you can use. However, first of all, players need to recognize the lottery. This will help players avoid making mistakes like winning the lottery.

One of the methods to identify dry lottery numbers that you can apply is 100-day statistics. This method means you count the lottery numbers that have not returned within the last 100 days to avoid them. At the same time, players should also discard the animals lottery liver just appeared. This way of playing is used by many people and is highly effective.

The secret to “gradually increasing points”

Besides the above methods, you can also use the “Increasing Points” secret. This way of playing should be used after the end of a maximum cycle. Then you can raise these numbers and bet in the following way: Divide your capital and play according to the principle of increasing frequency. Thus, you will definitely not suffer losses.

With this way of playing, if there is a probability of winning and losing, you will also make a profit. If some days you win and some days you don’t, you won’t be afraid of losing money. But if you see that the lottery hasn’t come out for 5 days in a row, stop!

Tips for testing “hardcore” lottery numbers

This secret is used to identify lottery numbers. This is also a relatively simple and easy to do method, so it is used by many people. Follow the same method as when playing parallel lottery In this case, you will choose the results of even or odd days. Then, put them together and look at them lottery liver The lotus hasn’t come out yet before making the decision to raise the lot.


Hopefully with the experience of knowing lottery liver on due New88 Sharing will help you avoid losing money and easily win the lottery. Please follow New88 to receive more information about lottery and attractive card games!


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