Tuesday, June 18

Ruby rings have always held a special place in the hearts of jewellery enthusiasts. Their captivating hue symbolises passion, love, and a zest for life. As we journey into 2023, ruby rings continue to be a centrepiece in jewellery fashion, blending vintage designs with modern twists. From art deco inspirations to minimalist bands, let’s dive into the top trends that are captivating the market this year.

There’s a timeless allure attached to rubies. Their fiery red gleam has captured imaginations for centuries, and in 2023, it’s evident that our fascination with this gemstone remains unabated. But what makes this year’s trends stand out? It’s the perfect mélange of bygone eras and contemporary flair. As online searches for “best ruby ring designs” and “2023 jewellery trends” soar, it’s clear that consumers are eager to explore the evolving landscape of ruby adornments.

  1. Art Deco Redux: One of the most prominent trends of this year is the resurgence of art deco designs. These rings, characterised by geometric patterns and bold contrasts, often pop up in “top ruby ring designs 2023” searches. They evoke the roaring twenties, making them both nostalgic and edgy.

Victorian Elegance: Another throwback style seeing a revival is the Victorian-inspired ruby ring. Incorporating intricate metalwork and delicate bands, these designs perfectly capture the essence of a bygone romantic era.

Bohemian Rhapsody: For those who adore an earthy, free-spirited aesthetic, boho-inspired ruby rings are making waves. Merging raw gemstone settings with detailed metal crafting, they’re perfect for the modern-day gypsy at heart.

Minimalist Bands: As the saying goes, less is more. Sleek bands with a single, prominent ruby are gaining traction. These designs, often tagged in “modern ruby ring styles,” embody simplicity while making a statement.

Asymmetrical Settings: Breaking away from the traditional, asymmetrical ruby ring designs are on the rise. These unique patterns and settings cater to those seeking something out of the ordinary.

The allure of the ruby is timeless, but 2023 has brought with it fresh trends that appeal to both vintage aficionados and modernists. From the search trends indicating rising interest in “ruby ring designs” to the physical pieces gracing jewellery store displays, it’s evident that ruby rings remain a cherished choice. Whether you’re drawn to the art deco redux or the simplicity of modern bands, there’s a ruby ring trend this year that’s sure to capture your heart. Dive into the world of ruby rings, and let the trends of 2023 inspire your next jewellery investment.


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