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Cross betting is not only a familiar phrase in the world of football betting but also a real challenge, requiring acumen, deep strategic thinking and a bit of luck. This is not a playground for souls lacking patience or experience. Let’s New888 Discover valuable betting secrets from leading experts, through the article below, to help you conquer new heights in the betting world!

Overview of parlay betting 

Parlay betting, also known as accumulator betting or Mix Parlay, is a common type of betting but also an interesting challenge for players. Participating in cross betting means you are combining a series of bets together, and just one wrong choice can cause you to lose your chance to receive a big reward.

High risks bring the opportunity to transform small into big, where one right decision, one strong bet can turn the situation around, turning unfortunate failures into glorious victories. Parlay betting is not a playground for everyone, but a playground for those who possess extensive experience and knowledge about football, along with extremely good analytical and evaluation abilities.

If you are passionate about football and believe in your own reasoning and strategic abilities, this is an opportunity to assert yourself and profit from your passion. Don’t forget, every game has potential risks and accumulator betting is no exception. But it is those risks that make the game attractive, opening up space for you to express yourself and build memorable achievements in the field of betting.

Detailed instructions on how to calculate winnings and losses when playing cross bets 

To have an advantage when playing soccer parlay bets, mastering how to calculate wins and losses is an important factor? To help bettors better understand this issue, New88 has shared a detailed set of formulas so you can easily calculate and take advantage of your chances. Let’s dive deeper into the following method: 

How to calculate parlay bets when winning all bets

Want to know how much you will earn from parlay bets after winning all the bets you bet? Use the following formula:

Cross odds = 1st odds x 2nd odds x … x Final odds

For example, you choose Liverpool, AC Milan and Barcelona with odds of 2.15, 1.95 and 2.10 respectively. The final winning rate is: 2.15 x 1.95 x 2.10 = 8.77. If you bet 100,000 VND, you can earn up to 877,000 VND if you win.

How to calculate cross bets when you win half/draw/lose half

Faced with draw or half win/loss bets, the calculation becomes a bit more complicated:

  • Draw or canceled bet: Odds are calculated as 1.
  • Win half bet: Odds are calculated as [1 + (single odds – 1) / 2].
  • Lose half the bet: The odds are adjusted to 1/2.

So the general formula for these situations will be:

[Cross odds = Winning odds x (1 + (Half odds – 1) / 2) x 1/2 (if half is lost) x 1 (if the bet is a draw) …]

For example, you place a 3-way bet on the following matches:

. Inter Milan 3 – 2 Roma: You choose Roma -0.5 at odds of 1.90 and win half.

. Sevilla 1 – 1 Atletico Madrid: You choose Under 2.5 goals with odds of 1.85 and lose half.

. Leicester 2 – 3 Manchester United: You choose Leicester +0.75 with odds 2.05 and win the bet.

The odds of the cross bet will be: [1 + (1.90 – 1) / 2] x 1/2 x 2.05 = 1.4775. So, with 1,000,000 VND bet, your profit is 1,477,500 VND.

Common mistakes when playing cross bets and solutions

When participating cross bet, a type of betting that requires careful calculation and correct strategy, players often make some common mistakes. To increase your chances of winning, you need to recognize and fix these mistakes:
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Betting on too many matches in one parlay

  • Mistake: Adding too many matches to a parlay bet, significantly increases the risk of losing the bet because just one unfavorable result is enough for you to lose.
  • Fix: Limit the number of matches in a parlay. A smart approach is to focus on the 3-5 matches where you feel most confident.

Bet without careful research

  • Mistake: Choosing matches and betting without conducting thorough research on the team’s performance, confrontation history, and player injury situation.
  • Fix: Always do careful research on each team you plan to choose in your cross bet, including analyzing the data, reading reports and following the latest information about the team.

Ignore the low odds

  • Mistake: Avoid choosing bets with low odds because you think the profit will be insignificant.
  • Fix: Realize that bets with low odds often have a higher chance of winning. Including a few of these in your parlays can help stabilize and increase your overall winning potential.

Betting based on emotions

  • Mistake: Betting based on belief or loyalty to a team, rather than on objective analysis.
  • Fix: Always make decisions based on actual data and analysis, avoid letting personal emotions influence your decisions.

Not managing finances effectively

  • Mistake: Betting a large portion of your capital on a single parlay or not having a clear financial plan when betting.
  • Fix: Apply a strict capital management strategy, using only a small portion (for example, 1-5%) of the total capital for each parlay bet.

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