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Bai Lieng has easy-to-understand rules, but if you own them Lieng card playing tips If you are good, victory will always be within your reach. Let’s go with the Nhà Cái Jun88 Reveal the secret through the article below.

Technique “release shrimp to catch shrimp”

Tips for playing Lieng cards The first skill that players should not ignore is the “release shrimp to catch shrimp” strategy Jun88 want to share with you. When you sit at the top of the wing with a score of 8 or 9, you should only place the specified equal bet. In case you have 8 points and the next person has 9 points, continue to put the cards. At this time, the Lieng card will easily appear. If you persist in waiting for the Divine card, you may be beaten by the Divine card.

Tips for sitting and waiting for good cards

In a game with many players, the person at the end will have the most advantage. If the surrounding houses have good cards, they will bet evenly or bet more. In case you have 8 or 9 points and other houses have folded their cards and there are only a few houses left, you should weigh accordingly. If the hand is around 5 or 6 points and there are only 2 houses left, you can also try your luck. However, Lieng card playing tips This should only apply when you sit at the end of the wing.

The “cheat” tactic

If you encounter a black string or a low card and repeatedly punch it, your opponent will see through your playing style. In this case, you can use the “cheat” strategy, both trying your luck and deceiving your opponent.

Maybe your article is not the smallest, show everyone that your article is quite beautiful. If the opponent has good cards, they will definitely bet more. At this point, you can safely stamp your cards without fear of having your tricks revealed.

Face down strategy

When you have low cards in your hand and have no winning rate, you should fold the cards. Your opponents will not know your cards. They will be surprised to learn that your cards are worse than theirs. This is also one of the Lieng card playing tips Good and widely used by everyone.

Although this strategy is quite effective, you should only use it when your cards are really bad. If you abuse this trick too much, you will be exposed and your chances of losing will be higher.

Don’t place heavy bets 

Placing a large amount of bets will make you mentally unstable and the bet will not have good results. If you lose a lot, the player will form the mentality of wanting to win, thereby focusing even more on the bet amount.

If you only play by village, your risk is very low, and it’s fun to play. If you bet big, you can win a lot, but the possibility of big losses is very high. Therefore, consider carefully before placing your bet.

Blind tip

To apply this technique, you also need to have your own tricks. If your cards are extremely low and have no chance of winning, then you bet. If the cards are relatively high, bet heavily. You can set the maximum bet to scare your opponents.

Most people with low or average scores are also fooled by this trick. This is also one Lieng card playing tips good, but you shouldn’t apply it much.

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Tactics to scare opponents

If you have a good card in your hand with a high winning rate, scare your opponent by using it Lieng card playing tips spread smoke. You can use eyes or words to make the opponent unable to grasp your cards.

At this time, they will be wary of you and at the same time reveal loopholes. Once you know your opponent’s cards, winning big is easy. However, you should only use this method if your cards are high and you are sure of winning in your hand.

Avoid tables with many players

A table with too many players will cause you to quickly lose all your bets. You should remember that these players have many years of experience. They know many tricks that can capture your psychology. If you sit at the same table with them, the one who will lose will be you. Please consider and choose the game table that is right for you.

Build a calm mind

When playing Lieng, a strong mentality is one of the things Lieng card playing tips that players need to have. Betting is a psychological measure in every game, if you lose continuously it can make you lose your composure. At this point, you will easily reveal loopholes and be captured by the opponent. Therefore, before playing you need to prepare yourself mentally.

Know when to stop

With all betting games, not just Lieng cards, knowing when to stop is extremely important. Once you achieve your initial set goal, whether you win or lose, you should stop.

Instead of using all your capital to remove the gauze, you should keep a little for next time. Because losing your temper will make you lose even more miserably. You should stop thinking, learn from experience and come back to take revenge later.


Thus, the Lieng card playing tips Good at helping players win Jun88 Summarized through the above article. Hope these shares will help you bring yourself more profits.


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