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Ica online fish shooting is a fish shooting game that is familiar to many players. This game has extremely simple gameplay and beautiful, attractive graphics along with unique minigames and events. This article will guide players in the most detailed way. Fellow players, please join us Nhà cái New88 Learn about this article below!

What is Ica online fish shooting?

iCa fish shooting game is quite developing in the Vietnamese market and is becoming the hottest fish shooting game system. With the extremely simple way of shooting fish, players can relieve stress without having to think complicatedly.

Players when playing the fish shooting game, just download the game and play, you will immediately receive 6 types of guns with unlimited bullets, allowing you to shoot bullets freely. The game interface is easy to see and players just need to touch the target to spread the net or shoot. If those fish die, the bonus will immediately go to the account you registered with.

The online fish shooting game portal iCa has more than 11 different types of fish, large and small, on the system. Every time players hunt a fish, they will receive gold. Besides, in terms of game difficulty, each way of shooting fish in Ica, players will conquer different levels.

Instructions on how to play iCa fish shooting online

After downloading iCa to your device, you will register and play. At this time, you will be able to choose from easy to difficult game modes suitable to your abilities as follows:

1. How to shoot freely in this game?

This match has a maximum of 4 participants. In it, there will be 6 types of guns for you to choose from, aim at, and have unlimited challenge time. Each player will also be provided with 500 diamonds. However, in this level you only have 90 seconds to show off your abilities.

There are 2 bet levels for you: 100 gold or 1000 gold. The bet level of 100 gold will be for an account under 8000 gold, and with a bet level of 1000 gold, your account must be over 8000 gold. As for Boss hunting, as long as you defeat the Boss, you can bring in a lot of bonuses.

  1. Tips for hunting Lucky Fish

Shooting small fish is very easy, but if you only focus on it, it will take a long time to level up. Your important task is to hunt large fish such as Golden Mermaid or Fortune Fish. Each such coin will be worth hundreds of thousands of gold and you can convert it into real money in just a short time. Here are iCa fish shooting tips for those of you who want to hunt big fish.

Screenshot 2

+ Bomb: when you use this bomb weapon, you will be able to shoot all the fish on the screen, even if they are fortune fish or mermaids. The fish shooting tip for you is to take advantage, when many precious fish appear on the screen, at this time you will bomb once. However, bombs are only received for free when you participate in the Lucky Spin, so this item is very rare.

In addition, when players have enough points in the “Play Now” section or complete all daily tasks. This part will be easy and easy to have an advantage if the lucky fish has been hit quite a lot. It is more convenient when these fish come closer to you. Besides, if the way to shoot fish in iCa involves a combination of many shooters, you will definitely be able to easily shoot down huge fish like the God of Wealth.

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Graphics and sound in the game

1. Beautiful graphics

This game has extremely beautiful graphics, cheerful and sharp colors. The game interface is intuitive and it is also suitable for many ages. The creatures in this fish shooting game are also extremely diverse, from fish to mermaids, dragons and turtles, etc.

The effects when shooting a gun also depend on the type of gun. The bullets fired will have different shapes, colors, and effects. The effects when using skills will be extremely beautiful when you aim and freeze

Screenshot 3

2. Vivid sound

With extremely lively and fun background sound mode. Sound effects when shooting fish as well as when gold falls, or receiving rewards also bring excitement to players.


Above is an article about Ica online fish shooting, this is an extremely interesting game. It is also suitable for many ages, with simple but equally attractive gameplay. Players will experience the feeling of entertainment and fun when you come to this fish shooting game with other players. Download the game to your device and bring home friends and extremely valuable and attractive rewards!


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