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The benefits of pet grooming go far beyond just preventing shedding and matting. Proper grooming helps to prevent various health conditions in pets and can also help to detect any underlying issues. In addition, proper grooming helps identify underlying issues early, which in turn can help to speed up treatment and prevent the onset of disease. Listed below are some benefits of pet grooming. Hopefully, you will be able to see the value in this practice! If you have been grooming pets for years, you’re in a better position to offer high-quality service. Younger owners often become too overprotective and nervous about leaving their pet in someone else’s hands, so the experience is more valuable. For this reason, younger owners are usually not the best candidates to open a pet grooming business. However, the business opportunities associated with pet grooming are quite diverse and are worth looking into.

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Maintaining Your Dog’s Ear Health

Professional Dog Grooming

Dogs’ ears can be particularly troublesome. Groomers can check them for excess earwax and inner ear hair. If they detect signs of infection, they can alert owners and schedule an appointment with a veterinarian. They will provide essential health maintenance for your pet at a price you can afford. A bath and crate dry is a quick, inexpensive option for your dog. If you have a dog that’s double-coated, it’s especially important to keep it clean and odor-free.
While many dog owners prefer to groom their dogs at home, it’s important to remember that professional dog groomers have many advantages. A dog groomer not only cleans your dog but also checks it for parasites on its skin and nails. Besides grooming your dog, a groomer also performs other essential services, such as bathing, nail clipping, and hair coloring. They also perform nail painting, if your dog requires it.

Lustrous Coat and Healthy Nails

Lustrous Coat and Healthy Nails

Regular brushing helps keep your pet’s coat clean and shiny. Regular brushing also reduces shedding. Regular nail trimming helps prevent your pet from accidentally clipping his/her nails at home, which can lead to painful injuries and uncomfortable situations. You can also get the nails trimmed by the pet groomer in between regular visits. If you don’t have time for a full-groom, opt for a mini grooming session. In this type of grooming, your pet will have a bath and trim around its feet, face, and backside.

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Professional Dog Grooming

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Professional dog groomers use sanitized tools to trim your dog’s coat, and they also check for skin problems that could be affecting its health. Properly groomed dogs are healthier. Besides, they’ll look better, too! You can save money on vet visits and get a professional groomer to give your pet a spa day! You’ll be glad you did! While it might not seem like a lot, it’s worth the price.
The Groom Go Round offers pet grooming services for dogs and cats of all breeds, including breed-specific cuts. This grooming service offers nail clipping and ear cleaning, and even CBD calming drops. Their rates vary depending on the size of your pet. Be sure to ask about vaccination requirements before your pet’s appointment. A well-groomed pet will be healthy and happy. The Groom Go Round has been serving the Staten Island community for over 29 years!


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